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My name is David Klein, and I have the honor of being known as the original inventor, and the first person to dream up the idea for the product Jelly Belly® jelly beans. Back in 1976, I owned Garvey Nut & Company. I came up with the idea for a new type of jelly bean— “Jelly Belly®”—and asked a candy company to make a starter batch for me from the concept I created. My first flavors were Very Cherry, Tangerine, Lemon, Green Apple, Grape Jelly, Licorice, Root Beer, and Cream Soda. I rented out a corner of an ice cream shop and tried my luck selling my creation. It paid off – the beans were a huge success, and we even made the newspapers! You will need to watch my documentary to see what happened after that.

As many of you know, as Can You Imagine Confections we manufacture Sandy Candy® our trademarked candy powder invented by Roxy Klein. Sandy Candy® is the original and any others are copies. So please support us and give us a call or email today to order. We now have a formula which is more course and will work in the edible sand art machines. Please enquire about wholesale bulk pricing which can’t be beat.

I’ve started a new brand of confections under the brand name Candyman Kitchens.


Please contact us at to place your orders or to reach David for interviews.

If you have the time to check out my documentary that can be seen online(free on some formats), please check out the links below.

All my best,

David Klein, The Candyman

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Candy is non refundable, because it is a food.

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