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Customer Comments:

As many of you know, I’ve been in the candy business for 45 years. Here are some of the wonderful customer comments we’ve gotten over the years. I’d like to say thank you to those who have taken the time to share their good experiences with us and our confections. You are very much appreciated for your continued business and especially your friendships. All my best, David

Dear Roxy and David,

I wanted to give you the update on my daughter Ashlen’s very successful Sandy Candy sale! As you recall, she was planning on doing this for her Junior National Honor Society service project back in April, however as it was right around Easter break, and a lot of kids had given candy up for lent, she decided to hold off until she came
back to school which was this past week (Thurs & Fri). So she, along with another friend who is in the JNHS set up the whole sale to be over lunchtime these two days. The girls made flyers saying they would sell the candy for $2 per tube, named all the flavors, and that the money would go to the Japan earthquake relief efforts.

Well over the course of two days it was a complete sell out! The children were going CRAZY over Sandy Candy! They were so excited and absolutely loved it. Ashlen said the little kids came with the flyers in their hands and had circled all the flavors they wanted to try! Many bought more than one tube (they were buying for their family and friends). Before the sale was over on the second day they had completely SOLD OUT. So I am happy to report they made $527. I am just amazed at the response and success, but it only goes to show what a great product Sandy Candy is, because those kids really loved it! You guys are wonderful. Thanks again Paula Trapalis Editor, Professional Candy Buyer, Chicago, Il

I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful to work with. We had our late night breakfast last night, and the Roxy Pebble Candy Tubes were a HUGE HIT! Students kept thanking us for bringing it in. Thanks so much for all your help! Roxanne Bright Coordinator of Student Programs and Conferences West Virginia Wesleyan College

It has been a pleasure working with you all these years. You are every bit as sweet as your candy! Oh, also wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed the low sugar. It’s low in sugar, but also high in flavor. It delighted all the kids’ taste buds without them knowing that there was less sugar. Jackie Bousquet/ Earl Legette Elementary/ Fair Oaks, CA

This was the biggest seller for all ages. From little ones to teenagers, everyone bought it! Mary Lou Descalso/ St. Charles School/ San Carlos, CA

I am an elementary school principal and have been using your fun candy products for at least 10 years. The students really enjoy making their own candy art and it is always a huge hit with the kids and the staff. Betty Johnston /Lewis Elementary, Lewis IA

Sandy Candy is the easiest product. You don’t have to do anything and you make tons of money. You just stand there and take the money. And when you open up the box it smells so good. And it taste great too. I litterally had to do nothing. Thank you so much. Heidi Richardson / Third St, School/ LA, CA

Roxanne, I just received a huge shipment of blood and fingers… And I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much, you rock! Aaron Arevalo /Misery Loves Co. / Fremont, Ca

We received our candy last week. Thanks for the awesome selection of flavors! We all enjoyed the taste-testing–
Thanks again for making the ordering process so easy!
Karen Knutson
Cities Credit Union
Vadnais Heights, MN

Sandy Candy is one of our most enjoyed and attended events, and I thank you for that! JOHN VOITA/
Supervisor of FUN /THE WESTIN KIERLAND VILLAS/Scottsdale, AZ

People Loved it! We used it at our carnival and birthday parties. Even the parents were having fun making their own candy sand art tubes! Suzi Truax -Middleburg – Florida

Hey Roxy – Just had to tell you what we decided to do with our gummy sign. We filled a large jar with 6 lbs. of gummy bears and had a contest to count and submit your number. The one closest to the actual number won the Big Bend Gummy! Oh my gosh! We had such a fantastic turnout for this!!!! Would you believe that someone actually guessed the exact number? Only three of us knew the exact number and we kept looking at each other, knowing that none of us told…when the student came in to pick it up we asked how she got that number. She said it was her birthdate!!! Can you believe it?!?!? I just had to thank you again! It was a hit – YOU ARE A HIT! Thank you so very, very much Roxy!
Big Bend College- Kim Jackson -Moses Lake, WA

Thanks Roxy….the “sand” and “water” were a great hit at our beach party Friday. Our students had a lot of fun with it!
Kim Schwarz
UCONN Student Union-Storrs, CT

Everybody is bragging about the Sandy Candy. I can’t do the event the year without it! Maureen Faille/ Bartlett, Il

I just got back from the show. Your candy was a HIT! I gave away most of the stock. It was a great way to get that extra smile from a blogger or buyer. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks for providing an excellent product and excellent service. Lauren B. (Philadelphia, PA)

This is the most popular booth at our carnival. Every year it’s always busy, and there are always tons of kids at the booth! Pleasant Valley Elementary / Jill Curtis /Reno, NV

I am totally impressed with your products! They are really high quality! Thank you! Tina Fafard/ The Nigel Holland Foundation

We sold out in 2 days on our last order! Your company ROCKS!!! Shauna Dauenhauer /Dorothy McElhinney Middle School Murrieta, CA

Hello Roxy, I had to tell you what a HUGE success your products were! The candynecklaces and BFF laces/string were given in gift bags to the kids on the program, and the Sandy Candy was part of one of the craft sessions.
The kids of course loved it all, but the parents were really excited about it. I was a little concerned that the parents might not appreciate the amount of sugar, but I worried for nothing. Many of the parents wanted to know where I found “this stuff” and I told them all about you and how many different products you offer. Good luck…and we’ll definitely keep you in mind for future projects! Thank you for all of your help, and wonderful service! Beth Steinbauer
VIKTOR Incentives & Meetings Traverse City, Mi

This is our 15th year of ordering. We use it at AYSO tournaments, fairs, and so much more. It is very profitable and everyone thinks it’s great. We also use it as treats for kids who have excelled in academics. When we use this as a reward, everyone always shows up. Miraleste Intermediate School-Julie Mahler- Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

It was the best thing we have ever done! I was a little hesitant at first but it worked out better then I could have possibly imagined. We ordered 200 large straws and candy, and we will probably double that next year.
Paula Holzworth / Philadelphia, PA

Thanks so much for the great fundraising opportunity. The students love the Sandy Candy and being able to create such a fun treat! The Low Sugar product is great and this enables us to sell it at lunch too!
Melanie J. Teemant Bob Miller Middle School Reading Department

Hi Roxy. The Candy Sand and Pebbles were a huge hit at the Leukemia Research Foundation’s annual Kid’s Party. We ended up having about 200 children there and it was a mob scene at our craft tables while they filled the cute containers with your fun candy. Thank you so much and we will be ordering again for next year’s party.
Thanks Again! Caryn Schuman /LRF Events Planning

We did amazingly well with this and I should have ordered twice as much! Becky Springer / Chain Lake Elementary/Snohomish, Wa

Thanks for your help putting together my custom package I ordered for my daughter’s 10th birthday. The kids had a blast and it was the talk of the town. Plus it was delicious! Sharon Ferguson / Staten Island, NY

All the kids love it at our school carnival. We use it every year, and it’s always the most attended booth! We always sell out! We also order it for our end of the year party. It’s the perfect snack and fun craft.
Hill Elementary/ Shaundra Carlin /Arlington, TX

This is our 5th year of ordering from you. The kids talk about and can’t wait for the candy booth at our carnival. We make good money, around $400.00 profit, selling the tubes at $2.00 each, and we always use up everything we order. James Monroe Elementary/ Kristine Sasso/ Edison, NJ

It’s a huge hit at our resort. We use it for kids activities and we always get swarmed with kids buying them every time we bring it out. We sell the large straws for $5.00 each, and also the fun shapes for $5.00 each, and they both sell beautifully. Marriott’s Canyon Villas / Kelsey Vanessen / Phoenix, AZ

This was the biggest money maker we had at our carnival! Natalie Taylor /Lincoln Elementary/ Layton Utah

We have been ordering from Can You Imagine That! Inc. for the the past 5 years. The kids love the variety of the product and love to create their own unique treat. We couldn’t imagine running our kids program without these fun candy products! Eric Plummer /Kids Nite Out Wheat Ridge

This was such a big hit & so easy to use! The quality of product was great! We are using it again this year at our roast. The Gerry Nevins Foundation / Mary Dizzine, Pearl River, NY

The sales of this candy have been off the charts! The amount of money we have made has been phenominal. The kids are crazy over buying Sandy Candy. The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa -Director of Fun – Lori Mantz -Rancho Mirage, CA

South Seas loves Sandy Candy! One of the best programs and went over extremely well July 4th weekend!

Thanks Roxy!
Rachele L. Noce /Activities Manager
South Seas Island Resort /Captiva, FL

I wanted to thank you for your help with our order. We used the order for a Renaissance “handout” (these activities take place once every quarter and usually include a lunch or other candy) for students who are rewarded for academic achievement. It worked out GREAT! The kids loved it and the parents who were helping were amazed at how easily it all worked out too. We set it up in my classroom over a three day period during lunch. One day was just the 6th grade, the second day was the 7th and the third day was for the 8th grade. We then set it up in the Teacher’s lounge during Staff/Teacher Appreciation week! The teachers loved it too! If you ever need me to send a recommendation for your products to anyone send them my way! I would be happy to tell them how great your products are. By the way, the red vines you gave me with the sour rock candy coating were the most awesome candy I have ever eaten! It’s a good thing I shared them with my Leadership kids or I could have eaten the whole package! I’ll check in with you again next year! Thanks again for your help and wonderful products!!! Rebecca elementary ASB/Leadership Advisor Las Colinas Middle School / Camarillo , CA

We loved it! It was gone in an hour! We are doing it again and getting lots more this time! Acton Elementary School Tracey Van Randen / Granbury TX

The City of Peoria used it at our Easter Event as an activity booth. It was a huge success! We ran out! Heather Duffett/ City of Peoria Parks and Rec/ Peoria, AZ

Blue Springs School of Economics has been using sandy candy and roxy candy pebbles for 9 years. It’s very popular! The students who attend the school are always excited about the candy. Vicki- Blue Springs School of Economics / Blue Springs, Mo

We ordered a ton of candy bead art for our Mardi Gras event and it was gone in an hour an half. Everyone loved the entire concept of the make your own candy beads and then they enjoyed eating them. We also frequently use Sandy Candy and the 12” straws at many of our events and it always is a big hit! You are so good to work with! Thanks Utah Valley University Rebeka Grulich / Orem Utah

It was a hit at our holiday party. Everyone flocked to the table. Defense Center MWR / Laurie O’ Brien/ Richmond, VA

This candy is selling like crazy. It’s almost as if it produces a magical magnet to the kids. I have never bought any other product that sells this well. Carla / Candy Bouqet/ Buffalo Grove, IL

Age doesn’t matter. Everyone loves Sandy Candy! Rebecca Gadson / University of Tx Pan American

Kids buy it everyday, it’s great for parties, and it tastes delicious. US on Wheels, Lisa Tonjes, Thornton, Co

ROXY ROXY ROXY……you rock!!!!
The sandy candy was AWESOME, and YES we did have the best booth in the place!!!!!!! It was so much fun and the students loved it, the booth was busy the whole time. I will send you some pics when I get them.
Be sure to tell your dad it was a HUGE SUCCESS… So many people loved the idea. I believe not just kids and teenagers love it, the adults loved it just as much!! I will use the idea again, you can be sure of that.
Juli Smith
IBM Client Systems Manager

The Candy Art Activity Is An Absolute Hit! Sasha Tanaka /Supervisor, Kids Club /The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas/Lahaina, Hawaii

Thank you for all your help. We had our “Comedy & Candy” event last night and it was a HUGE hit and a great addition to our show!. Thanks again, have a great day. Mandi Chadwick/ Davis & Elkins College/ Coordinator of Campus Activities

It went over huge. We used it for birthday parties, and fundraising at the camp, and the kids loved it. Camp Veritans / Carla Rudow / Wayne, NJ

The candy bead art is a huge hit at our birthday parties. Both boys and girls at the parties love to make their own candy necklace. Learning Express Toys / Chattanooga TN

We have been using these fun products for 5 years. We just ordered our regular order of 1,000 test tubes, and 1,000 mini tubes, and sandy candy and candy pebbles. It is a very successful fundraiser for us and the kids love it. Dawn Bennett/ AYSO 359 / Bakersfield, CA

One of the reasons this is a great product is because it is consumable. So people are going to use it and then come back and buy more. At events I see kids come and spend $5.00 then they come back and spend more money. They have fun every time they are at the table making their own. It’s easy to sell and its nice since I can talk to the customers while they are at my booth. Jamie / South Dakota Sports Stacking Fundraiser

Kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas/KLTV 7-Day for Kids event loved making the sandy candy treats. Kids of all ages enjoyed making these sweet treats. Thanks, Roxy, for helping make this all possible!
Amy Avants /Director of Programs & Special Events /Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas /Tyler, TX

We use these as report card incentives. Students who make the honor roll get to make their own candy tube. This is the 4th year we have used it, and the students think it’s the best. Linda O’Leary / Countryside High / Clearwater Fl

Thank you so very much for all of your help, you have such wonderful products and I am so glad I am using them for fund raising. The Holiday sale at Coonley school was a lot of fun. I sold a lot of Sandy Candy – it was the hit of the sale. I love watching all of the children (and adults) make their candy. Up until Sunday the only one color I have had multiple customers make is blue, I have had a lot of people just go through and fill their tube with all of the shades of blue. I had one girl get close with green but added pink for her last color. Then Sunday night I had a girl do all yellow!!!!! There should be a scientific study done on how people make their Sandy Candy:) You have always been so lovely on the phone and very generous and I thank you for that. It is a pleasure to do business with such a great and honest company. Kymberlee – Mission Ethiopia

This is the greatest fundraiser for us. We take it to camp and it does wonderful. Buchanan County 4 H / Sandy Shortridge / Grundy, VA

We love your Sandy Candy because the kids love it. We concentrate on what will make children happy, and your products fill the bill. The children have stars in their eyes when their moms or dads say they can make one. Then the parents get involved, too, and everyone ends up enjoying making these. What a great idea! Please keep up the great work! Sandy Candy is dandy. Thank you, Phyllis

Dealing with Can You Imagine That! is a retailer’s dream come true. Everything is handled in an amazingly efficient and professional manner, and all product received from them are guaranteed awesome. Roxy and everyone are running a great company. Chris M. / Think Geek

Roxy, THANK YOU for all your help!! You were so kind and very helpful. I will recommend your company to other schools and parents. Thanks Again For Everything Sunie Stolhand / Woodlands Elementary / Ponca City OK

We tried Sandy Candy and Candy Pebbles for a new booth at our annual church Bazaar. It was a huge hit! We sold out our booth before the event was over, so we’re ordering double this year! This is both a fun activity and a tasty treat for kids of all ages and a great fundraiser for our organization. -Teresa Houston, Blythe, CA

It went over so good. We had it at 4 events & even the grown ups had so much fun with it. We wanted to make sure to use it at our activities again throughout the year. It’s not messy & is the perfect product. Beth Beal & Randee Morris / Aims Community College Student Life Office/ Greeley Colorado

Hi Roxy, I bought from you tons of sandy candy for a kids party at my office. It was such a hit that I plan to have sandy candy at all my parties. Thank You- Vanessa McCullen/Tween Brands

Thank you so much for all of your help. I received your shipment right on time. Yesterday, at the carnival, I sold over 350 tubes in under 2 hours. The candy was a hit. I had a line the entire time. I I look forward to working with you again. Lauren Tyler Terrace Hills Middle School Grand Terrace, CA

Hello Roxy! I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my Sandy Candy order! I just got the 2nd batch and I can’t wait to wear the tshirt! I love the new flavors! I also loved the Candy in the Kitchen and will be getting those next time I order, which might be sooner than I thought, because I might have booked another fair:) Special thanks to your dad as well, who was super sweet, when I spoke to him the other day!

Thanks again for everything and talk to you soon!
Wee Can Shop/ Hawthorne , NJ

Sandy Candy has been part of our Festival for the past 5 years. We have this annual fundraiser to support our children’s enrichment and academic programs. Thank you for your wonderful products. The kids love to pick a tube or novelty item and fill it with the multi-colored Sandy Candy. It is a craft and a treat for our kids. All ages enjoy the booth and line up to craft their edible treats. Parents also look forward to purchasing the gift bags we offer for sale. Our kids insist that your products are so cool, delicious, good and sour, great colors and flavors, and fun to make! Sincerely Kyle I & Carol M. Marquez Charter

All of us at Los Alamos High School FCCLA would like to tell you that we really enjoyed your product, Sandy Candy. It was also a big hit with the customers. We sold out at only two football games. The kids kept coming back for more. Some kids even came back three or four times to purchase more. High school kids also liked it. Thank you for coming up with such a neat fundraiser. Jennifer F / Los Alamos High School

It was amazing! Kids were asking for more but we sold out at least one hour before the fundraiser ended. We will be getting more on our next order. Loren Z. Hillel Yeshiva Ocean NJ

You folks are absolutely the nicest people I have ever dealt with in my 42 years. I have worked in retail, wholesale, service, customer service, and healthcare, both as provider and consumer, and have seen it all. Dealing with you and your father was and continues to be a wonderful experience, and I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do.

David Thomas
Pontotoc, Mo

Hi Roxy- I just wanted to write to thank you so much for your prompt service. It is always
a pleasure talking to you. Thanks so much for inventing one of the most popular
and tasty ways to entertain children. Sandy Candy is always a hit at my events and this last one topped them all. We sold over 1,000 dollars of candy and made lots of money for our charity event and the local dentist Ha Ha.

Keep up the great work, I look forward to ordering with you in the future! Have a wonderful week!

Nicole Risener
Houma, Louisiana

The kids loved it. It was so popular at our event. We can’t wait to use it at another activity. The principal of the jr high said the only bad part was that we did not order more.

Sharon Downs, Fullerton, CA

Just wanted to give you a quick update about our first Sandy Candy Vending experience. It was amazing! In over 30 years of doing parties, fairs and festivals I have only seen this type of results three times! Here are three other bits of great news.

The concern about the entire process being messy or hard to control – did not happen!
Pricing was a consideration going into the project because we are in a smaller area. This did not happen!
YES! It was just not a little kid activity ; we had a lot of early to mid-teens, and even a few parents got into the act.
Finally, Roxy and David of “Can You Imagine That! Inc” are amazing to work with. From start to finish getting this new and exciting Profit Center up and running has been an amazing positive experience. Did I mention that is was one of the most cost effective and profitable transactions we have ever completed?
Well, we are off to the show. Best wishes to you! Maxine and Joe Baird –

Maxine & Crew / Balloons-n-Funtimes.

Just wanted to let you know that we used our Sandy Candy last night at our carnival and it was a big hit. The kids loved it and it was easy to use. Thanks so much for the great product!! Lorrie Meyer Fairfield North Carnival Fairfield Township, OH

HI Roxy- It’s Kendra in Texas . Just wanted you to know the SANDY CANDY BOOTH WAS PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!! The children absolutely flipped and the line never stopped. Out of the 750 12” & 375 test tubes we ordered, we had a few tubes (10 or so) left over, but only because the carnival ended. I think we could have sold it well into the evening! All of the children that were there until 30 minutes after the carnival were on their 3rd & 4th tube and we finally just had to say SORRY WE NEED TO CLOSE. It was AMAZING!!!! We made a very nice profit and everyone was thrilled. The teacher’s staffed the booth which made it even more exciting for the children. I just can’t thank you enough! I am going to use the party pack you sent me for the preschool Halloween party and I know they are going to flip, too. I need to give you a call about the ‘sweet sushi’ – I have a few ideas for the elementary school and preschool for that. Again, thank you so much! Your product is AWESOME and I am spreading the word to all of the other elementary school PTO/PTA’s for their carnivals. I look forward to talking to you soon! Kind Regards,Kendra Thomas, Maplebrook Elementary PTO

At lunch, we sold the regular test tubes at $2.00 each. No one complained about the price and we ran out. It was very exciting. We are ordering another 1,000 of them.

Kisler Whitworth, Rocksprings Elementary

We have been selling Sour Spanks as a fundraiser since 2004. It’s nice to have extra money that we get to spend by selling these. Just this year, we have been able to buy 2 lcd projectors, and tons of dvd’s and videos for the teachers.

Pat Schell / Newport News, VA

Everyone regardless of age loved it. At the end of our event, there was nothing left. It was absolutely the best.

Janet Francis-Cisneros

Trinity Foster Care/ Moreno Valley

We have been a customer for at least 7-8 years. Students love it. We use it for incentives plus fundraising.

Joyce Scheidt
Rockfield Family Resource

It was Great!. We went through all 500 medium straws. The kids’ loved it!

Foothill Federal Credit Union

Stacy Arena

Arcadia , CA

Your product was the biggest money maker at our carnival!

Bethel Elementary
Clover, SC

Great Service! Great Price! Kids really enjoy making their own Roxy Candy Pebbles creation. We have used it for the last 2 years. We are ordering double of what we did last year.

Lincoln Alternative
Corona CA

We love this stuff. I can’t believe how well it sells. Even the adults like it. Almost everyone who comes to my store buys a tube. Barbara / Wicked Fun Art /North Hampton, NH

It was great. We sold out of all 500 regular tubes. We will get more next time. Florence Elementary School/ Carrie Moore Southlake, TX

Hi Roxy! :}

We had our festival friday and it was a blast…The kids LOVED all the sushi/sandy candy.It was wonderful.You are awesome! Again thank you for sending me the candy as soon as possible. You will hear from me again soon! Warm regards,

AidaPham / North Park Elementary

Junction Ave sold oodles of these at our last dance. It went over better then our DJ
Shelly Fields
Junction Ave Middle School

Thanks for getting out the Sandy Candy so quickly for our school carnival. What a popular booth!! Thanks again for always being so helpful and easy to work with!!

Tracee Cook
Carnival Co-Chair
Valencia Valley Elementary School

This was a hit beyond our wildest hopes! Thanks for building our budget. Vicki Guronsett

Last year we used Sandy Candy for our back to school night, and this year the PTA is begging me to get more. We just had our meeting and everyone said that we have to do the Sandy Candy table again.
Morning Creek Elementary
Kirsten Sandstrom
San Diego, CA

The booth was busy the whole time! St. Cloud Elementary / Brenda V./St. Cloud FL

Thanks! I just received my order of 500 12” tubes Sandy Candy and Roxy Candy. I just tasted it and have to say it is really good. I have tasted other similar products and your products are really tastier. Sandy Candy & Roxy Candy are top quality and have lots of flavor. The candy tastes exactly like the flavor on the label.

Kathy Cohen
Elmhurst, IL

Awesome Product!
Our students love Sandy Candy. We can’t keep enough in stock.
Leslie O Leary
Quail Valley Middle School

Great idea for prizes each trimester. Patty Dunn

Sandy Candy is wonderful. It can be used for day on the green, carnivals, etc.
All ages of kids love it.
CA Moore
Lee Jr High
Weatland, CA

The kids love the Sandy Candy. It’s art you can eat! Sour Spanks are really cool too!
JJ Barlow
Twin Peaks Middle School

We have used your product for reading incentives for the past 4 years. Every month we use it, more kids’ do their reading. I have not met one kid who did not think it was the greatest thing

Maeser Elementary PTA
Vernal, Utah

We used Sandy Candy and Roxy Candy Pebbles at 6 or 7 events last year and everyone loves them.

Kansas State University
Ben Hopper/ Student Union
Manhattan Kansas

Hello, this is Echo Boland and I spoke with you on the phone and ordered some candy Last week. All I have to say to you is… I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to do the fall festival in my town in two weeks. I can’t believe how excited my daughter is to help! (she is 12) On her name tag I am putting “little sandy flavor finder”. She will be the one that helps the kids as I sell my cookies! That is what I am doing the festival for is to promote my cookie bouquets. I thought getting the kids to the table and having them do the Sandy candy would give the parents time to look at my creations! I will keep you posted on how it goes, but I just wanted to let you know that we are so excited and thank you so much for the Candy! You are the best… Echo Boland

Good Morning Fun Lady, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did and I sold my Sandy Candy for the very first time and I NEED more, hahahah, I am addicted. I love seeing the faces on the kids when they are making it! I had the cutest little girl with blonde pigtails (about three years old) say “dad, I am having the best time, this is so much fun”. My heart melted!!!! How cute! Echo Boland

I have been doing crafts at birthday parties for about 7 years and this is by far the best craft we have ever done. It was enjoyed by both girls and boys and all ages. It was simple to do yet it was time consuming and kept everyone quiet. My kids can’t wait to do it at our next party.

Heather Kile
Scottsdale, AZ

I met you a few weeks ago at the LERN Conference in Las Vegas. Though I was there for business (City of Paso Robles Recreation Department), I purchased Sandy Candy for my daughter’s school. Last night the PTA put on it’s annual Winter Wonderland. The Sandy Candy was the hit of the night. In fact, it didn’t last the whole event because we ran out of 250 12” tubes in just 45 minutes! The kids loved it and just “ate it up!” Next year we will be contacting you to double our order

Thanks for inspiring me to purchase your unique product.

Rose O’Sullivan
Vineyard Elementary School PTA
Templeton, CA

The Victoria Parks and Recreation Department ordered 500 tubes of Sandy Candy for our Christmas in the Park event. The event is four hours long with hundreds of children and their family members strolling around the park. The Sandy Candy was sooooo popular it lasted only 90 minutes and people were coming back for more! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Thank you for all you do in your community.

Edgar Vander Stucken
Victoria, Texas

I don’t even advertise on the days we are going to sell Sandy Candy because the
line would be way too long. These are a huge hit.
Kathy Stewart
Lone Hill Middle School
San Dimas, Ca

Great for gifts at a dance. The kids love it.
Pete-Diamond Bar High

Greatest thing at our spring carnival.
Sarah Gersper
Fort Irwin Middle

I ordered sandy candy from you about a month ago and I am glad to say it has been a hit! I have been selling them at football games and high school plays and they are “so cool” as the students say. I am excited to have something no one else has on hand!! Thanks for a great idea! Our drama department will be going to New York by selling Sandy Candy!!! Thanks again

Janice Linkous
Pulaski, VA

I received my order and want to say THANKS! I am really excited for the kids at our reunion. They will love it. So glad that I ordered and was able to talk to you. You were a great help! You are Awesome!
S. Hoopes Vernal, UT

Roxy, I wanted to let you know that you were RIGHT! The Sandy Candy and Mini Candy Pebbles were a HUGE hit at both my son’s birthday party in July and at our annual Halloween party this weekend. The kids and
parents loved it, as did the teenagers who were helping at the Halloween party. I’m also recommending this product as a fundraiser to our band boosters club at our local high school. Thanks for your help in helping me decide what and how much to buy. This is a GREAT product!

Pam Deming
Duvall, WA

Super Product. Kids loved the math project I did with it. Great Vendor! Don’t miss
this one.
Sandy Duncan
A..E Wright

The kids love it and they will buy it. John Hartmann

Kids really enjoy Sandy Candy. They ask for it every year at the spring Fair.
Kerr Middle

Sandy Candy helped increase our membership in our PTA. I became know as the Sandy Candy lady at my kids’ school. The children would follow me around like the Pied Piper. The kids were allowed to make their own tube if their parents joined the PTA. This encouraged the kids to encourage their parents to join the PTA.
Chester Taylor Elementary
Cheryl Hemphill
Zephyrhills, Florida

The kids had more fun with the Sandy Candy than any other activity at the birthday party. I decided to have it all my parties now.
Julie Allen
Columbus, Indiana

We have used this fun product at our school carnival for the last two years. It was a huge success. We sold out.
Fredric Watson Elementary
Tracy Hallaway
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Just Wanted To Thank You For Kindness, and Your Great Suggestions Regarding Our Order On Tuesday!! I Have Spread The Word On How Great My Experience Was In Dealing With You And This Website. I Am Sure That We Will Visit It Again As My Husband And I Are The “Kindness Outreach Coordinators” For Our Church.
Again, Many Thanks To You!!

Sherrie Breitenbach
Waverly, OH

Our teens used Sandy Candy as a fundraiser at the Denton arts Jazz Festival. They had a lot of fun running the booth and sold out two hours before the event was over.
Kathy Schaeffer
City of Denton
Denton, TX

A great hit at our Cinco De Mayo festival. The kids love it.
Richland High

Great for honor roll gifts. My students love to come to the Sandy Candy station.
Petra Davis
Las Flores Middle

We bought a $200.00 order of Sandy Candy last year. We sold out after an hour and half.
This year we are tripling our order.
Franklin School
Katie I.
Burlingame, CA

The kids thought Sandy Candy was the best thing in our camp store.
Tracey Roberts
Illinois District Assembly of God

The candy taste wonderful. It’s a great fundraiser and it looks artistic. We are using it for the second year for our animation club fundraiser.
Aloma Lively
Vista Del lago High School
Moreno Valley, CA

Sandy Candy is awesome. The kids love it.. It is quick & easy.
John Jennings
Coalinga Middle School

I just wanted to let you know that the Sandy Candy was a HUGE hit @ our Sesquicentennial Children’s Parade/Celebration this evening!!! EVERYONE was buzzing about it (adults included!). I am so glad that we went ahead & tried it out. Now I’m sure that you will be hearing more from all of us in Indiana!

Thanks again,
Shannon Ottman
Haubstadt, IN

Our PTA used the mini tubes as a reading incentive at our book fair and it was wildly successful.

West Jordon Elementary
Melissa Johnson
West Jordon, Utah

Just wanted to comment that I recently purchased the Sandy Candy at the conference in Reno, used it at our Halloween party on the 23rd………and it was a great hit! The kids and parents LOVED the activity (which we offered for free) and our staff loved the opportunity to offer such a fun and in-expensive activity. We look forward to repeating our experience again in the future. Thanks for being there with such a “bubbly” sales personality!

Terry McGinnis-Miles
City of Hilliard Ohio

Last year Processing Technologies ordered a Sandy Candy package. We would like to order this again for our company picnic since it was such a great hit.

Cheryl LeDuc
Processing Technologies, inc.
Aurora, IL 60565

Hi Roxy.

Just wanted to let you know what a big hit “Sandy Candy” was last year at our Fun Fair, at Bibich School in Dyer IN. At our first sign up, which is during registration for school, I had all my folders out with positions I needed filled. It’s so funny, because my first folder to get filled up with volunteers was the “Sandy Candy” folder. I had ladies rushing to the table to sign up. I had to tell the ones that came later that the positions were filled already for our “Sandy Candy” table. They were disappointed because the kids absolutely loved that table. Our workers bring their kids with them during their shift. Also, last year we ordered a small order of 300 medium straws to try it out. And to our surprise, we ran out of product during our first shift. We had to shut the table down during our second shift. This year we bought 500 medium straws of “Sandy Candy” and hopefully it will last the evening. Or maybe next year we will buy even more!!!

Well, just wanted to drop you a note saying “Thank you” for offering this product. We were very pleased with your service and product. Looking forward to a long relationship with you!

Once again, thank you!

Bibich Elementary SchoolMary Ann Jimenez /Dyer, Indiana

This is such a blast. We use to do it every other year, but now we are doing it every year, cause when we did not do it, everyone missed it too much. Dyanna Rusk / Eagle View Elementary / Thornton, Colorado

I sold Sandy Candy last spring and it paid for our trip to the FCCLA NLM in San Diego, CA.Thanks /Raelyne Massey Walnut Ridge High School/Walnut Ridge, Ar

We had our Art Expo with the Sandy Candy. What a hit! It was wonderful! What a great idea! I will be ordering again!

I just wanted you to know what a HIT your Sandy Candy was in my grandchildren’s Easter Baskets. My granddaughter Denae, was especially thrilled because they had Sandy Candy at her school fair and it was a HIT. My daughter-in-law said the PTA workers at school were concerned about the 8 tickets ($2 fee), but the booth was sold out in 1 1/2 hours time.

Ruth Ann

It was a huge hit. The kids want to do it again. We ran out before the event ended. Many of the kids purchased more then one./Lisa Edmison/Freemont Elementary/Long Beach, CA

Sandy Candy helped us get 40 500 x microscopes at Earhart Middle School

We love Sandy Candy at Washington Middle School

Sandy Candy is DaBomb! Great fundraiser. Dartmouth Middle School – Hemet, CA

Greater Life Church in Lexingrton Indiana Loves Sandy Candy. It was a hit at our last VBS! I will be doing it again, and again. Kelly Ballard

Great Products! You are the Mrs. Fields of the candy world. Maggie. W. James Rutter Middle School. Sacramento,Ca

You Rock! Thanks for your product. Bellflower High

Everyone had fun building their own at our club fair. They loved it. Arroyo Grande High

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