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Question: Are you the manufacturer of Sandy Candy® The original sand art you can eat™? Answer: Yes, we are the original and only manufacturer and have been for over 23 years. We've been copied by others, but we are the original and still the best.

Question: How can I order your products? Do I need an order form? Answer: To place an order, please use our online store.  If you have a custom order you can email us at

Question: Where is your factory located? What is your company name? Answer: Our office is in Florida(our health department approved factory is in Largo). We were originally Can You Imagine That (still open for contract manufacturing), but after all these years we moved from California to Florida and decided to change our name to Candyman Kitchens. We still do licensing under CYIT and Contract manufacturing.

Question: Are any containers glass? Answer: No, all of our containers are made from plastic.

Question: Do I need a funnel? Answer: No, the candy pours direct from the squeeze bottles. Just cut the tip off with a scissors.

Question: Is enough candy provided in the order to fill the containers? Answer: Yes, we give you plenty of candy to fill all the containers in your order.

Question: Can I pick my flavors? Answer: We send an assortment of our best flavors in sweet and sour. We understand that some vendors need specific flavors and we will try to accommodate you. Please send us an email to

Question: What is the shelf life of Sandy Candy®? Answer: All of our candy art products have at least a 3 year shelf life.

Question: Are there any peanuts in your candy art products? Answer: No, but our factory makes other products that contain nuts.

Question: How long does it take for an order to ship? Answer: We need at least 10 business days lead time to make sure we can get your order to you, but if you're in a rush then please let us know and we'll make every attempt to help you.

*If you've been offered Sandy Candy® packages by anyone other then us, please let us know.*

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